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M44 Wallet

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M44 Wallet

Now you can have an all-in-one app to supplement your Memoir gaming.

Features include:

Summary card database to allow for quick lookups of all your M44 cards - including those missing from DoW's compendium!
Card 'Wallet' feature to store the cards you need for your scenario for easy lookups.
1-6 card solo mode*, including all combat card decks.
6 memoir dice with built in hit rate stats
Heaps of Memoir-related manuals and other useful documents

Credit for much of the material within this app goes to Days of Wonder** and also to the Vassal Memoir 44 community for creating the additional cards.

* Solo mode can be played in a couple of ways: An 'arcade mode' style, where both you and your opponent use cards and dice within the app. You are dealt a set number of cards for each turn - 3 or 4 works best. You select the best card to play on their behalf and yours, then they will be removed from the deck. You will then get a new deal of cards.
Another way to play would be to use the app for your opponent only, while you use real cards. This allows for more strategic moves on your part, while keeping it simpler for your enemy. Giving your opponent 3 cards works really well for this method.

** A full version of Memoir '44 base game is required to make use of this app. See for more information on this awesome game.

This app is designed for iOS 11 and up. There is a known bug with the dice and cards not displaying the correct images on iOS 10 on the first turn; however, apart from this, it will still work.

Please leave good feedback if you like the app. It not only makes me feel happy and motivated to continue adding improvements, but it also shows the makers of the game, this is very much alive still, and community-driven initiatives like this and the dozens of others out there in the Memoir community are what continue to make this great little game battle on.
Sean Gambles