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müüv is a smart audio experience that fits into your life.

With müüv, we’ve done the thinking for you. You’ll get smart audio coaching that is personalized to you, progresses for you, and is fun to do. müüv is:

• SMART - müüv creates personalized routines that adapt to you in real time to maximize each workout plus müüv learns from each workout to optimize your next workout to maximize your progress.
• FITS INTO YOUR LIFE - müüv audio coaching makes it easy to move while doing the things you love... listening to music, watching Netflix, and iMessaging with friends… so you’ll never want to miss a workout.
• FUN - müüv provides real-time motivation from your coaches and friends to make moving “funner” than ever before.
• CONNECTED - müüv integrates all your small and large exercise equipment into one seamless workout experience to provide you with endless variety and maximum results. müüv also connects with Apple Health to better personalize your routines based on ALL your activity plus syncs your müüv workouts to Apple Health and your other favorite workout apps.

müüv is not for that “Type-A”-every-ride-is-a-personal-best person, nor is müüv for that person who has somehow, some way found 90 minutes every day to work out. No, müüv is for real people - busy moms, everyday athletes, etc. - struggling to find time to be fit. That’s why müüv is built for and actively encourages members to move while doing the things they love like chatting with friends, watching their favorite shows on Netflix, checking email, and more.

Here are some of our favorite reasons why our members müüv:
• to fit into the new dress,
• to make it back up the stairs,
• to have guilt free wine time on Friday night

Why müüv works: müüv is based on science and experience - our team of kinesiologists have over 40 years of experience working with more than 11 million members. This team developed müüv to make it easy for you - we do the thinking and you do the moving.

• müüv creates an easy to follow personalized program to help you move 500 minutes per month with the right mix of cardio, strength, and flexibility for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle
• müüv combines SMART coaching, equipment, and encouragement from your friends in one seamless experience to help you reach your goals fast while having fun
• müüv provides you the flexibility to move when and where you want while doing the things you love for long lasting results

Who is müüving? We’ve helped 11 million people move over 17.9 billion minutes, including 377,476 mothers, 390 aerospace engineers, 66,192 roller skaters, 294,419 fans of “Friends”, and more.

Are you ready to move?
Müüv Labs