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LVL Wellbeing

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LVL Wellbeing

LVL is a wellbeing ecosystem that provides world-class wellbeing services to people at the world’s most forward-thinking organizations.

We believe that wellbeing is paramount for people and organizations and we're on a mission to help 10 million people Prioritize Well by 2025.

Through a combination of live and on-demand sessions, our LVL streaming platform helps people to address their wellbeing needs.

No matter where you are in your wellbeing journey, LVL is your guide. Join us and #PrioritizeWell.

LVL is your mobile companion to the website.
It allows you to access the content included in your subscription.
Login to your account to access the full features:
- Watch videos anytime, anywhere
- Download videos to your device and watch offline
- Create a personal playlist by adding favorite videos

LVL GO includes Apple Watch- you can track your workouts and meet your fitness goals.
- Monitor Stats during Workouts: View heart rate/calories burned on your watch & video player.
- HEALTH App: Apple Watch integrates with Apple's Health app (Healthkit) to track workouts, duration, calories burned, heart rate, and active energy. You choose the data you want stored, and you can change it anytime in the Health app.
- FITNESS App: Apple Watch integrates with Apple's Fitness App, and workouts contribute to your daily goals. View stats, share your activity, and get those Activity Rings!
- Use your Watch as a Remote: Play, stop, & rewind videos without interrupting workouts.
- Install using iPhone: Install app on iPhone, open Watch app, select "Show on Apple Watch".

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