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Lupa Run

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Lupa Run

Start Running with Lupa, your smartest, personal running coach that will help you achieve any physical and mental well-being goals that running can facilitate through audio-guided sessions.

Lupa is like having the best running coach, mindfulness teacher and data scientist right next to you, available at any time, everywhere. All in your headphones.

Why do we exist?

We exist to help improve people’s physical and mental well-being through the power of running, movement and mindfulness.

Our mission is to provide the most immersive and personalised running experience, ever. All in real-time.

Why Use Lupa:

Run after run Lupa learns what your needs, goals, expectations are. Over time, the app guides you more and more accurately to reach your goal in the best way, with the best psycho-physical aptitude and with full awareness of your potential.

Run faster, run longer and run better with Lupa's audio-guided performance runs. Run with Lupa and be motivated through interval, progression and tempo runs that adapt around your ability and bring your running to a level you never thought you could reach!

In life as well as in running, the more present you are, the more enjoyable the journey is. Breathwork, body scans, reflections. Lupa's guided mindfulness runs are here to bring you into the present. A moment where you are enough. Just as you are.

Select a running course and we will help you to reach your goal, whatever that might be, adapting to what’s best for you. 5k, 10k, Fastest 10k? Whatever your goals are, Lupa is here to support with detailed training plans and audio-guided sessions.

With Lupa, you can set a target pace and distance for your runs and be guided and motivated in real-time to achieve your goals. Whether you want to target a fast time, manage your heart rate, learn what a certain pace feels like, or simply test yourself and have some fun, the Lupa Pacer will guide you, encourage you, and keep you on track.

Run with or without audio guidance, track your runs and gain insights into your pace, elevation, calories burned, and progress over time.

Access integrations with Strava and Apple Health so that you can run with Lupa and have each experience automatically uploaded to Strava and have the Active Minutes, Running Distance, Workouts, and Mindful Minutes from your runs synced to Apple Health.

Download and register for Lupa today to begin experiencing a whole new world of running.

This is run coaching at its smartest. This is Lupa Run.

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