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Luminos Pro

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Luminos Pro

Luminos Pro is the world's most powerful all-in-one mobile astronomy app, with a wide range of features for star gazing, observing with a telescope, or exploring the galaxy in 3D. Luminos Pro has vast databases of nearly every type of object and uses them to give you custom recommendations for making the most of your time under the sky. Luminos Pro contains 250 million Gaia stars, the complete Washington Double Star catalog, every Celestrak satellite database, comet and asteroid databases from the Minor Planet Center, and tens of thousands of deep space images positioned and scaled in the sky view.

Stargazers will love easy access to planets and moons, bright star lists, meteor shower charts, 5000 years of solar and lunar eclipses, constellation details, and if you want to know what or where something in the sky is you just raise your device and motion tracking will identify or locate your target.

Telescope users will appreciate Luminos Pro's telescope control and equipment management. Connect to many brands of computer-controlled telescopes for easy pointing directly from Luminos Pro, and use the equipment calculator to help you choose optimal combinations for your observations. Select a camera and use an accurately-scaled overlay on the sky view to calculate the ideal centering and rotation for framing your astrophotography targets.

Even if you are indoors because of rain, Luminos Pro makes exploring the galaxy fun and easy. Fly in 3D to nearly any body to see the stars in an alien sky, then experience the scale of the space with a seamless 3D flight back home. Luminos Pro makes it fun to explore the planets and moons of the solar system with 100 megapixel maps and complete surface feature databases from the USGS. If that's not enough, explore exoplanets and their star systems, or ride along with a spacecraft like Voyager 1 throughout its journey, or see what the Pleiades looks like when you spin it around in 3D!

Existing Luminos users will find that Luminos Pro has all the same great features as Luminos, plus exoplanets, 250 million Gaia stars, double and variable stars, spacecraft, and a new more streamlined interface with new features like altitude charts, list filters, and enhanced viewing suggestions. Plus, Luminos Pro is free to use for existing Luminos users through July 31, 2022! (to enable this offer, update Luminos 9 to the latest version and run it at least once)

Luminos Pro is offered with three subscription options to allow you to balance savings with flexibility. All subscriptions start with a free month and can be cancelled at any time, even during the free month (and you still get to use the whole free month!). Luminos Pro is the ultimate companion for astronomy fans of all levels, try it today!

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