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Lumen is the world’s first device to measure your metabolism in real time.
A pocket-sized nutritionist, the award-winning Lumen app and device provides data in a single breath on your body’s primary source of fuel: carbs or fats.

The Lumen device helps you improve metabolic health by optimizing your nutrition, sleep, workouts, and other factors for better metabolic flexibility (your body’s ability to switch between using fats or carbs as a source of fuel).

Lumen works with Apple Health to sync data on your activity and sleep.

Features include:
* Real-time measurement of your metabolism
* Personalized daily nutrition plan and insights
* Lifestyle recommendations for sleep, exercise, fasting, and more
* Track and monitor your metabolism over time
* Customizable tracks to achieve your goals

Featured in:
Forbes, BBC News, TechCrunch,, Wired Magazine, Shape Magazine and more

Lumen was chosen by the Esquire 2020 product awards “Best product to learn about you”

Winner of the CES 2019 Best Reviews Award

Listed in the Top 30 Best Devices CES 2019

Please note:
You must have the Lumen device to use this app. You can order your device from
While Lumen is not intended as a medical device, it is recommended to consult your doctor before starting any nutrition plan.

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