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Lullabies For Babies

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Lullabies For Babies

Lullabies, White Noise, Brain Stimulator - tools that makes baby happy & bright, now with Apple Watch support. You can start / stop playing from your Apple Watch.

- Play timer, so you too can sleep without worries to stop the music.
- Repeat Lullaby, play your baby's favorite lullaby over and over.
- Control start / stop of Lullabies / White Noise from Apple Watch.
- Lullabies: Total 14 (6 Classic, 4 Relaxation, 2 Music box, 1 Aquarium & 1 Meditation) high quality soothing lullabies, They will for sure calm and relax your baby.
- White Noise: Effective way to calm and put your baby to sleep.
- Brain Stimulator: Audio based visualizer designed to help newborn babies develop their vision & hearing brain centers.

NOTE: Team member of this app is father of a newborn, and this app has been tested with baby girl for one month to six months.

# Lullabies Details:
A) Brahms Lullaby
B) Beethoven’s Romance 2 in F major Op.50
C) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
D) Brahms Lullaby v2
E) J.S. Bach Prelude 1 - Well Tempered Clavier
F) Haydn Symphony 94
G) Aquarium style soothing music
H) Meditation music for kids
I) 4 Relaxation music
J) 2 Music Box lullabies

# White Noise Details:
White Noise helps babies to sleep.
Babies loves low frequency repeating noise. It works on same concepts of “Shushing”.

# Brain Stimulator Details:
Newborns (1 month+) are only capable of focusing 8 to 12 inches from their face. They also prefer black and white, high contrast images to color graphics. Less than 3 months old newborn's retina lacks the ability to distinguish details and textures.

This audio based visualizer is designed help newborn babies develop their vision & hearing brain centers.