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Loyale App

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Loyale App

Loyale is a mobile app that connects merchants with their customers. It simplifies adoption of loyalty systems by providing an amazing experience which gathers all types of loyalty schemes and rewards.

You will collect points, cash, stamps and will be able to redeem what you collected when you reach a specific balance amount. You will enjoy other features of the app such as watching rewarded videos and adding favorite merchant cards to your wallet, and many other up to date features.

* You will get your customized profile.
* You will receive points, cash, or stamp collection after visiting any merchant.
* You can redeem points, cash, stamps, offers & flash deals.
* You will receive rewards by watching videos.
* You can view your history, total savings and weekly activity.
* You can scroll and search for customers by searching in categories, filtering and sorting.
* You can open a merchant's page to view your transactions, offers, or flash deals related to this merchant and to see the contact info of that merchant.
* You can add your favorite merchant cards to your favorites wallet.
Sayed Alkhabbaz