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Low Battery

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Low Battery

Find out if your phone has a low battery... directly from your Apple Watch! Also, get configurable notifications about battery level changes (requires in-app purchase) on your iOS (iPhone/iPad) and/or Apple Watch devices. — Check your phone's battery percentage and charging state directly from your wrist, without even taking your phone out of your pocket or bag. Great for bars, clubs, while eating, cooking, working out, and many other activities.

■ Status updates even while you are away from your phone, as long each device is still within wireless connectivity range of the other.
■ Displays the charging percentage/progress if the phone is charging.
■ Configure and receive notifications on your iOS device and/or Apple Watch if your battery passes a certain level. Requires an optional in-app purchase. — Apple Watch is not required for notifications.
■ Has an Apple Watch "glance" view for quick viewing without opening the app, and also an actual app that can be opened from your Apple Watch's home screen. Both are included for free.
■ Displays iOS device's network status on Apple Watch, such as Wi-Fi and/or 3G/4G/LTE, etc.
■ Simple but stylish interface, with different colors for each charging state and no clutter and no advertisements.
■ Gentle blinking animation included for both USB charging and "very low" phone battery states.
■ Automatically displays the type of device that your Apple Watch is paired with.

Data, status, and visuals automatically live update when your phone's charging state or battery percentage change. "Glance" views can sometimes experience a slight delay when connecting back to the iOS device for the latest data, but will indicate a "last updated" date/time at the bottom of the glance view and/or a "loading" indicator in the upper-right corner while it tries to connect wirelessly to the phone. Usually, this takes less than a second, depending on your Apple Watch's operating-system software version and/or hardware configuration.

NOTICE (2015/07/06): There's a bug with the telephony library on iOS 8.x that occasionally reports the cellular internet connection status to be "Unavailable", when it's not. This will hopefully be resolved soon in a future iOS operating system update for your phone.

REGARDING NOTIFICATIONS: “Force quitting” the app from the iOS task switcher will disable battery-level notifications until the next time the app is opened on your device. Notifications basically require nil internet data and nil battery power, but do require an active or periodic internet connection to be present on the device for them to occur. Location services are never requested or used. No personal data or device data is ever accessed or transmitted by the app.
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