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Loveit Noteit Widget Drawings

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Loveit Noteit Widget Drawings

New Loveit Noteit Transparent Widget Drawing, as the name says you can make transparent widget and draw scribble on it or just create a blank area on your Home Screen.

Draw anything you want and showcase it on your Home Screen. Just Tap on widget to start editing again.
You can also use it as sticky notes with Clear Background & Solid Color.

Create Multiple widget Features Include-
• iOS 16 LockScreen Widget.
• Transparent Widget.
• Apple Watch Support.
• App Icons.
• Scribble for Widget.
• Light & Dark modes.
• Supports all size of widgets.
• iCloud Support sync across all device.
No Ads.

View All your Widget Drawing on Apple Watch.
Download the app now, add the widget to your home screen, and start doodling.

Amit Verma