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Love Smoking

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Love Smoking

Visualize the habit and,
Let's enjoy smoking

Easy to get the time from last smoking, and number of smoked today.
You can easily access it to operate from the notification screen.

Just one tap you can accumulate data!
You can see the smoking habit in many statistical data and graphs.

※※※ SUPPORTED Apple Watch !

Moderation, support to address non smoking, of course, is also ideal as a tool for you to enjoy a more smoking.

※ Because data is synchronized with iCloud, will be available in the same state on all devices.
※ It records about a year's worth of data.(free version is one month.)

[Feature Description]

◯ Management Smoking
   Recorded smoking at the touch of a button
   Cancel smoking just before
   View the elapsed time from the previous smoking
   View today the number of smoking
   View the number of smoking in the past 24 hours

◯ Browsing Smoking Data
   You can check to visual along the time series smoking time

◯ Browsing Statistical Data
   Today, the past 24 hours, one week, one month, three months, six months, one year, I will statistics display the data of the entire period. (The free version will be data of up to one month)
  Smoking number of within-period
  Average interval
  Average interval (Exclude time that seems to be sleep)
  • The maximum interval
  Average Smoking per-the 1st
  Maximum smoking per-the 1st
  Lowest smoking per-the 1st
  • Total cost
  And other

◯ various settings
  Brand, display settings, system settings, etc. various settings

Now, the fun smoking life!
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