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Louder! is the simple volume remote control for your Apple Watch.

With Louder! you can control the volume of your phone or it's current connected accessory directly from your Apple Watch. So it's no problem if your headphones are missing a volume control. You make the music Louder! just from your wrist.

Open Louder! and control the volume with the Digital Crown.

Louder! comes with a quick access complication for all of your favourite watch faces. Just click the Louder! complication and you can turn up the music as loud as you want.

Sometimes you a song is so good that you just want it loud or you need to quickly mute the song. A firm press on the screen brings the quick volume menu with some common volumes.

This is all you need: Louder! is the simple and elegant way to control your phone's volume.
Arno Appenzeller