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Lose Weight app for Women

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Lose Weight app for Women

Easy way to make your Weight Loss Resolution work!

Staying on track is tough, but it’s not impossible. WeightLoss Queen will help to increase your chances of reaching your goal. That’s for sure!

The 30-day workout plan will be a real challenge for you, but you’re gonna love it!

Why it works?
• The app is specially built for those who break down. Don’t laugh! We’ve worked with psychologists and therapists to think over every detail of the app. WeightLoss Queen will push you to achieving the goal but never in offensive way!
• The secret of the efficiency is in smooth start and constant intensity increase without suffering. More is not better when it comes to exercise. Remember, you’ll not benefit from sore muscles or injuries! But you’ll obviously advance when you start slow!
• 30 days is the best time period for changing your habits. Consistency in training is the number one factor in getting results. Do not miss workout days and you’ll win the battle against overweight.
• The plan includes low-impact exercises abandoning insecure HIIT exercises. No jumping, no equipment, no noise turns into… No excuses!

Get your weight under control now!

WeightLoss Queen app provides you with:
• Everyday workout: daily set of exercises with gradually increased intensity
• Instructions for all exercises with useful tips and text guides
• Gentle notifications that will help you to stay on a track
WeightLoss Queen app is free to download but access to the challenge will require payment.

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WeightLoss Queen is one of the apps by full body fitness app SlimQueen. Check out SlimQueen for holistic approach to home workouts.