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Lord's Words

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Lord's Words

Lord’s Words – Holy Bible Verses
With “Lord’s Words” you have the word of God always in your pocket through carefully selected from the Holy Bible verses and psalms. A great app for those looking for moments of reflection. This app is a necessity for those who want to be strengthened in God's word at all times. Or even if you just want to reach a practical and quick way to share the most beautiful and true teachings of the Holy Bible with friends and family. Be part of a group of people who want to be closer to God at all times of the day. Download "Lord’s Words" now and make your soul and heart full of peace and inspiration from the Holy Bible Verses.

Using the app
To receive psalms just faithfully shake your device.

You can share all content with your friends and family.

As many Holy Bible verses as you want all day.
In the app, you can see hundreds of verses at any time.

Your Favorite Verses of the Holy Bible
When you read a verse that you like you can make it one of your favorite verses of the Holy Bible just by clicking the star on the bottom bar. All of your favorite verses will be saved so you can easily find them.

The app sends messages that talk about:
• God, Jesus, Holy Spirit
• Faith and Gratitude
• Compassion
• Forgiveness and repentance
• Love and relationships

All free content
You do not need to pay for anything.

Support for all screen sizes
The app works well even on devices with small screens

Did anything go wrong?
Please email us with the details so we can take care of it. It is very helpful if you tell us what type of device you have (the model name) and what actions led up to your problem. Thank you!

OFFLINE operation
The app can be used without an internet connection, allowing its use at all times even when the internet signal is bad or non-existent

Banners View
When using the app we display banners to help us to pay for the costs associated with app maintenance and to keep spreading the Lord’s Words.

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