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Loops Guided Fitness

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Loops Guided Fitness

Loops is a personalized health platform that helps you reach your goals by providing you with your own optimal workout, recovery and rest routine.

Rather than following generic workout routines and step goals, you learn to focus on closing Loops, a period of multiple days when strung together signifies progress by giving your body what it needs.

The Loops app was created to teach you the importance of following a balanced fitness routine, where all days - rest, active recovery, performance, and relaxation - are equally as important. We encourage you to ditch the mindset that more is always better and help you reach your goals by prioritizing what your body needs: a max effort workout, a recovery activity, or even a complete rest day.

Reach your health and fitness goals faster and more efficiently by following a balanced fitness routine with Loops. Loops uses your Apple Watch to measure daily Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to tell you exactly what activities to do and at what intensity to ensure you get the most out of every workout.

Using Loops, you’ll build a fitness routine that works with you to avoid common plateaus so you can rise, rally, rest and repeat.

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- Reap the benefits of HRV in just 60-seconds a day
- Get personalized activity recommendations to maximize your potential each day
- Learn to work with your body through a personalized balanced fitness regimen
- No prior health knowledge required to benefit from the platform
- Stay motivated and avoid common fitness plateaus with Loops’ personalized goal engine that adapts with you to keep you consistently challenged

1. Take your morning HRV reading to advise your day ahead.
2. Get your Daily Outlook – a view into your body’s recovery level and ability to handle daily stressors.
3. Unlock your personalized workout recommendation and set a custom activity goal based on what is best for your body each day.
4. Get the most out of every workout by following live heart rate zone guidance on the Loops Watch App during your workouts.
5. Progress through Loops by following your own optimal path to bring you closer to your goals.

Make every effort count. Use the Loops Watch companion app to get live heart rate zone guidance to maximize the benefit of every workout. Recording your activities on the Loops Watch App is simple and ensures you’re always working with your body, not against it.

- The Loops App requires a paired Apple Watch to measure your daily HRV.
- Sync Loops with Apple’s Health app to unlock your personalized experience.

Your privacy is our top priority. We understand that your health data is sensitive, so it is stored locally on your iPhone and Apple Watch in encrypted form. All data processing is done on-device. We will never share your health data with anyone, ever.

Choose from a monthly ($4.99), bi-annual ($20.99), or yearly ($35.99) subscription. Active subscriptions automatically renew 24 hours before the expiry date. You can manage, adjust, or cancel your subscription under your Apple ID settings at any time. If you choose to cancel your subscription before your free trial period has ended, you will still have access to the Loops app until the end of your trial period.

The Loops app is not a medical device. We recommend consulting your doctor before starting an exercise routine and/or if you have any health concerns. Any health data analysis or recommendations are not a medical diagnosis and should not be taken as such. Loops is not a replacement for professional medical care. If you feel the condition of your health is at risk, please seek medical help.

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