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Loop makes setting timers easier, faster and more beautiful. Start multiple (interval, Tabata, and cooking) timers, create presets, import your own sounds and so much more!

- Easy Start:
The start screen shows the most recently started timers. One tap is enough to start a timer. The last started timer can also be started by tapping in the center of the ring.

- Automatic Reset:
After a timer expires, the app plays a sound and the timer automatically resets, so you can start it again immediately. The app can also be configured to play the sound like an alarm until you disable it.

- Presets:
You can save your favorite timers as presets, which are presented in a list. Presets can be edited, rearranged, deleted and started with a tap. You can use text or an icon for your presets, and also change the color as you like. The color setting is also applied to the ring.

- Multiple Timers:
Any number of timers can be started in parallel. The first timers will be displayed as nested rings.

- Interval Timers:
You can create interval timers and save them as presets for quick startup. Then, the app plays a sound for each elapsed interval and displays it as a small dash on the ring. Additionally, you can select repetitions for the intervals and name each of them.

- Choose Sounds:
There are already some default tones included in the app. But you can also import your own sound files from the Files app. Start, Finish, Reset and Interval sound can be selected separately.

- Meditation Sounds:
You can activate a background sound such as ocean waves or white noise in the settings, which will then be played when a timer is running. It is also possible to switch off the screen in order to concentrate fully on your meditation.

- Digital Display:
Do you want to know the remaining time exactly? You can display it as text. Named intervals are also displayed.

- Apple Watch:
Start timers directly on your Apple Watch and record workouts with HealthKit support.

- iCloud Sync:
Your preferences, settings, and sounds sync with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

- Automatic Screen Lock:
You can determine whether to keep the screen on when the app is open, only when a timer is running, or use the system default setting.

- Push Notifications & Live Activities:
Loop will send you a push notification when the app is closed if a timer or interval has expired. The sounds selected in the app will also be used for the notification. In addition, a live activity is displayed when timers are running.

- Interval Quick Setup:
Use the wizard to quickly create Tabata or cooking timers.

- App Icon:
Pick one of several beautiful app icons to make your home screen a little prettier!

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Leon Boettger