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Loop By Thareja

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Loop By Thareja

Be Connected 24/7 to the people that matter. Be anywhere and always be able to Protect the ones you Love.
Loop by Thareja can help families and friends stay connected by “Keeping everyone in the Loop”.
The app offers location tracking with safety features and directions to family members’ current locations with one click.
Safety features built in for younger drivers. Get alerts for speeding, excessive braking and more.
Use the SOS feature to send a silent alert with your location to family members, emergency contacts, and responders.
With saved directions you will never forget where you parked the car or where your group outings should meet up.

People of any age group can use the app, and it can be of both personal and professional use:
+ Families can use it,
+ Parents can use it when their kids come and go from home and school,
+ Groups of friends can use it,
+ any small organization can use it to track the location of its employees too.

It is also good for events, festivals, trips, and group outings. This is a good app for "Only Girls" occasions too, as they need to have an extra layer of protection when going out. The Parking Spot feature allows you to save parking locations that can be shared with your Loop members. Also, you can schedule time for meet-ups and add extra information about the saved locations.

Major Features:
* Create a Loop and invite Loop members to view the real-time location of friends or family members on a private map.
* Save or add places and get real-time alerts when a Loop member, friend or family arrives or leaves saved places like home, work, school, etc.
* One-to-one and group chat with Loop members
* See day-wise location history of your Loop members
* Loop management under which you can make changes to your Loop like inviting or deleting members from the Loop. Also, changing the Loop appearance like name and image and more
* SOS feature that includes Emergency Contacts and Help Alerts. The people you have added as emergency contacts will get a help alert in form of SMS and Push Notification (if the user is registered on the app).
* View the weekly driving summary of you and your Loop members in terms of total driven distance and top speed attained along with the drive’s date and time.
* Battery monitoring feature that allows you to monitor the battery percentage of your Loop members. You will get notifications when any of the Loop members have a low battery and when they put their phone to charge.
* Meet-up features in which you can choose a place for temporary meet-ups and invite members to the same.
* The Parking Spot feature will let your Loop members know where you have parked your vehicle and get directions to the place in case anybody wants to get there.

Disclaimer: Continued usage of location services in the background can excessively drain battery
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