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Loop by Chocolate Bar

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Loop by Chocolate Bar

Loop makes your School Loop grades/assignments/emails accessible through your voice with Siri on iPhone, Apple Watch, and even HomePod (assuming you want your neighbors to hear that B you got).

You: "Physiology"
Siri: "90%" (with details displayed on screen)

"My current GPA"
"Show me all my items in Loop" (check all your teacher posted assignments on School Loop)
"Show me all my physiology items that are due next week"
"Send a message to Lucy using Loop"

Loop also offers an incredible Apple Watch app that offers useful complications which are updated every hour, to display your grades or upcoming assignments. The powerful watch app offers grade and its updated time, details, category information. Each assignment is displayed with its score, grade, comment. Upcoming School Loop to-dos are displayed with description, and maximum points for the particular assignment. And keep in mind, Apple Watch also supports all the Siri functionalities that iPhone does.

Note: Some users might not see their grade details for a class as School Loop resets for the new semester.
Mengchun Xue