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Look Right. Escape the Game

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Look Right. Escape the Game

Welcome to Look Right - the first virtual travel agency with the thrilling nonlinear journey.

Through the chat guide tells you about the city and the sights around, also sending photos, videos, aerial shots. But the ordinary virtual tour is being intruded, connection with your guide was hacked by an unknown girl, she’s trapped, injured and scared. You appeared to be dragged into a serious trouble - kidnappings, killings. Get ready to decide what should happen next, your choices are fateful and lead to different story twists.

You’ll be shown different locations, city sights and “deadly traps” prepared carefully for your joy, characters will immerse you into the story, you’ll have to be pretty attentive to find all story related information – websites, social network profiles, in-game events, everything is important to get all the pieces of the mystery. Don’t be surprised to find out that most of the media is still locked, you’ll have to try other story directions to open all of them.

Can be played from the lock screen and even so getting all the game content, mini-games seamlessly integrated into the chat, smart retentions will keep you intrigued, animated avatars and carefully created soundtrack will make the gameplay unforgettable.
Yevgen Plokhoi