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Look, I’m Growing!

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Look, I’m Growing!

Development is quite complicated process for baby and parents either. Look, I’m growing! is a great helper for young parents. They need to teach child a lot of things during the first 18 months. Look, I’m growing! app is based on international scientific theory. It reads as follows that child should learn some things at the specific period of time. It's said that you need to know your child mental health before you start teaching him how to walk, eat with a spoon as so on.

Sometimes your child could be stroppy, unfocused, so it is really hard to make him listening. In that case just use this app and you'll be able to teach him something useful without any efforts.


- Track your baby's mood with convenient mood monitor - watch appropriate "weather" before start teaching
- Choose from several events and draw a line between different practices - remember, your child can't do everything at the same time!

- Compose logs in detailed journal to remember all little events
- Add photos to your notes - capture memorable events everyday

- Make notes to watch how your baby grows and gain weight
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