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Long Legs Balance Pro

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Long Legs Balance Pro

• Have you ever seen a fashion show?
• Then, undoubtedly, you enjoyed the sight of a beautiful, tall young girl gracefully... FALL DOWN!
• Long Legs Balance - Fashion Dream is unexpected and very funny version of the famous game!

CHOOSE a model – which one you like more Blondes or Brunettes? Actually, you can try both, you also can change the body of model ;)

- Choose the hairstyle you like
- Pick the clothes
- Don't forget about pumps!

KEEP balance! Try to go as far as possible on your high heels and try not to fall. Realize your dreams of becoming a Top Model and conquer the catwalk!

COLLECT crystals – use crystals to get new clothes and improve your model. The far you go, the more crystals you would earn.

Long Legs Balance Features
- Possibility to change clothes and shoes
- Two different models
- Bonuses for new costumes
- Funny phrases and comments while walking
- Rag doll physics of each fall
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