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Long Exposure Timer

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Long Exposure Timer

If you shoot long exposures, you've been there. You are wading in a stream (or the snow, dark, or any of other adverse conditions we routinely face). Trying to do the mental math to add ten stops to your exposure, fumbling with your phone, trying not to drop it in the water. Then more math to convert the seconds you came up with into the minutes the timer needs. Wait, how long did I say that was? Start over... Or is that just me?

Long Exposure Timer makes it easy to calculate long exposures based on adding stops for filters or other adjustments and then just hit start to time your shot. All from your wrist, with no risk of dropping anything.

New in version 1.1, film shooters can add reciprocity failure for popular film stocks from Agfa, Ilford, Kentmere, Kodak, and Foma. Long press on the interface to display the settings page, switch on film mode, and select your film stock.

Note: Reciprocity failure adjustments are based on formulas provided by the manufactures or worked out from existing tables. We recommend running test exposures before doing any critical work, including at the exposure times you anticipate. Very long exposures may require additional adjustments.
Peter Holdmann