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Loner Mobile

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Loner Mobile

Please be advised that an update Apple made in iOS 12 may affect Loner Mobile’s functionality. Blackline recommends waiting to download iOS 12 if possible. Blackline is currently working with our developers and Apple to fix this issue. For more information, please see this notification:

Employees often work alone or interact with members of the public and require a non-intrusive solution to monitor their safety. Loner Mobile turns any smartphone into an easy-to-use safety monitoring platform.

Loner Mobile’s key features:

- Allows you to call for help using the SOS alert slider
- Allows you to periodically confirm your safety using the configurable check-in timer
- Drive-safe check-in ensures that alerts are silenced when you are driving over 20 km/h
- You’re located using of Wi-Fi and GPS so help knows your exact location
- Supervisors or management can receive SMS or email notifications when you request help
- Customized emergency response protocols ensure monitoring personnel get you the help you need
- Change configuration settings in seconds, either in-app or online with over-the-air transmission
- Use with optional Bluetooth accessories, Loner Duo or SOS Button

Loner Mobile is free to download but requires service activation and purchase of a software license. Contact Blackline Safety at to request an activation code.
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