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London Tube On Time

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London Tube On Time

Live tube times for your Apple Watch and Today View

Information provided by Transport For London (TFL).

Tube On Time helps you plan your journey and catch your connection by finding your nearest stations and providing live train time and platform information directly on your iPhone Today Screen and Apple Watch. It's a great way to keep a check on trains you use regularly and - by using your exact current location - could help you to find a quicker route home.

All this information is available on your Apple Watch, and can be customised for Apple's most personal device. You can create your own colour scheme to match your watch and choose icons for the stations you use regularly to quickly identify which train will take you home, to work or to see friends.

* Live, precise London tube information provided by TFL
* Platform information as soon as it's available
* Service information showing train's destinations and all the stops along the way
* Customisable station names, icons and colours
* Today View to see departures without unlocking your phone
* Apple Watch Support with full customisation
* Apple Watch Glance showing you the nearest station departures
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