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Log Mass

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Log Mass

Simple, easy to use weight tracker for Apple Watch, loads fast, Apple Health sync, and absolutely free.

We have a responsibility to ourselves for our health. No one can make us lose weight or choose healthy foods. We must decide this for ourselves. Logging daily is important, it keeps healthy habits in front of our minds. Every time we make a log entry, we are reminded of our commitment to health. Skipping a day here and there makes it easier to skip 2 days, then 3 days. Then, before you know it, you’ve stopped and you are back to your old habits.

• Save body weight
• Weights history
• Large text
• Auto calculation weight gain or loss
• Does not need companion iPhone app
• Syncs with Apple Health Kit
• Support pounds, kilograms, and stones
• 100% free and no ADs

Watch Face Complications
• All watch sizes
• All complication types
• Shows last recorded weight
• 7 days progress bar:
• Full bar -- today.
• Empty bar 7+ days ago.

As a long-time Apple Health user, I always wanted an easier way to enter my data on my Watch. I wrote a couple of apps for myself and start thinking someone might also be interested. So, I have decided to share apps with the public. Free of charge and free from advertisement. If you have any suggestions on the apps please share.
Martspec LLC