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Lobster grand remote control

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Lobster grand remote control

The Lobster grand remote control allows for use of an Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod, or iPad to command every feature of the Lobster grand or phenom tennis ball machines, plus depending on the model, you can create, alter, save or delete drills. On the grand five, grand five le and phenom two, players can create up to 12 custom court drills consisting of six sequential shots with each shot programmed to one of up to 18 possible locations on the court. From there, user can assign an independent ball speed, ball spin, and ball feed rate for each shot within the custom drill and then save it. The options are endless!

A set-up guide can be downloaded from the app or from (on the grand remote for Apple page).

The Lobster grand remote control app only works with a grand or phenom machine which has the remote for Apple wi-fi receiver installed. To upgrade your machine, please contact Lobster Sports at 800.526.4041.
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