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LiveTime Viewer

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LiveTime Viewer

**NOTE: Live Time Viewer is used in conjunction with Live Time for OS X. If you do not own or have viewing access to Live Time for OS X with an enabled Clock Display, you won’t have anything to view with this iOS app.

Live Time Viewer is the easiest way to see your Live Time Clock Display on any iOS device! Need to keep track of your live event’s time but aren’t at a laptop or desktop computer? No problem, now you can keep track of your event anywhere you have an iOS device and an internet connection (cellular or wifi).

Supports portrait and landscape viewing.
• Ability to disable your device from sleeping while viewing a Clock.
• Automatic discovery of nearby Live Time Clocks Displays for quick connecting.
• Quickly load Live Time clocks to watch by simply entering a URL.
• Automatically keeps you connected even when switching between cellular and wifi connections when the Clock Display is externally available through a global hostname.
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