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Lively Health & Safety Service

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Lively Health & Safety Service

With the Lively app, you can now access the Lively™ Urgent Response Team right on your Apple Watch. In an emergency, tap the Urgent Response icon on your iPhone, Apple Watch or Lively Wearable2 and you’ll be connected to a certified Urgent Response Agent who will get you the help you need no matter the situation. We’re highly trained in assisting you through any situation where you may feel unsafe, aren’t sure who to call for help, or if you are experiencing a medical emergency. We will work with you, contact your family or friends if desired and stay on the line with you until you’re ok.

You can even speak to a board-certified doctor or registered nurse with our Urgent Care anytime, day or night (Preferred Health and Safety subscription required; no additional costs or copays or insurance needed).

The Lively app requires an active Lively Health & Safety Service subscription. Already a member, simply download the app and sign in using your cell phone number. New to Lively? Give us a call and we can tell you about our services, help you activate a new account or just assist with general set up.

Learn More: Watch video (link to:

- Call 1-866-376-3397
- Go online at

At Lively, we also provide a community of support for our products and services. Our U.S.-based customer service team stands ready to assist you. From technical support professionals to customer service representatives, we always have the right person available when you need assistance of any kind.

Lively app includes:

Lively Urgent Response:
Just tap Urgent Response to be connected to a certified Agent who will get you the help you need.
Urgent Response can help if you:
• Are locked out of your home
• Require roadside assistance
• Need directions in an unfamiliar area
• Are experiencing chest pain

Lively Urgent Care:
With Lively Urgent Care, you can consult with a registered nurse or board-certified doctor on demand.
• Get prescriptions or refills over the phone for common medications
• No insurance plan is necessary and there are no copays*
• Complements features on select Apple Watch models to help keep you informed and connected to your health

Lively Link™ app:
Lively Link is a complementary smartphone app loved ones can download to stay updated on your health and safety. After they download the app — and with your permission — they can be alerted:
• If you call Urgent Response
• If your device is running low on battery
• About your daily activities and your location

Additional features only available on Lively Wearable 2:

Fall Detection:
Fall Detection is available on Lively Wearable2 with the Ultimate Health & Safety Package. When Lively Wearable2 is worn around your neck on the specially designed Fall Detection Lanyard it can sense the sudden movement of a fall. Fall Detection may not always accurately detect a fall so it’s recommended to push the button when in need, if possible. If you are unable to press the button, the Lively Wearable2 will automatically call an Urgent Response Agent through your iPhone.

Step Tracker & Health Tips:
The Lively Wearable2 records daily step counts to promote an active lifestyle. You'll also receive health tips with helpful information on exercising, eating right and living a heart-healthy lifestyle.

*Urgent Care, provided by FONEMED, is not a substitute for dialing 911 and should not be used in a case of emergency. FONEMED’s registered nurses and contracted physicians, through MDLIVE, offer advice regarding healthcare decisions and may prescribe certain medications and make diagnoses. We are not liable for any act or omission, including negligence, of any FONEMED employee or contractor. Urgent Care and the Lively Link app are available only with the purchase of a Lively Preferred Health & Safety Package. Lively is not a healthcare provider. Seek the advice of your physician if you have any questions about medical treatment
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