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Livekick offers virtual wellness experiences that empower your mind, body and soul on an interactive platform, in the palm of your hand! We bring together yogis, healers and mindful movement practitioners with world-leading teachers so that you can connect with a like-minded community for radical growth! Enjoy LIVE (through the Livekick app, powered by Zoom) and on-demand classes in Yoga, Dance, Movement, Meditation, Spirituality, and Mindful Living. From ancient practices to emerging wisdom, Livekick offers it all.
Scroll through our library of 100's of on demand video’s designed for your spiritual growth and physical wellness, and tap into the app for our amazing schedule of classes, workshops and courses. Deepen your practice LIVE and share expansive experiences with a global audience, coming together as one.

What We Offer

From vinyasa to yin and kundalini to power yoga, there’s a style of mindful movement for everyone, at any level. Beginner? No problem. It’s never been easier to develop a practice. Already have an advanced practice? We’ve got you covered as well.

Yoga and Yoga Dance Classes with Legendary Live DJs
We bring a festival-like experience direct to you, with live DJs for select classes. Experience the energy of live collaboration between luminaries in their field.

Learn yoga with a class specifically tailored to you, or get in shape without the hassle and expense of a gym membership. We offer private yoga classes alongside group classes, so you can explore exactly what works for your body and physical needs. Choose a dedicated Livekick teacher who will work with you 1x1 for ultimate accountability and support.

The best dance parties happen at home! From belly-dancing and dance yoga to dance fitness, these high-energy classes bring the party to you, wherever in the world you are.

In today’s crazy world, taking even a few minutes to sit can work wonders. Our accessible meditation requires zero experience, and our teachers help you create foundational habits to last a lifetime.

Workshops amd Special Events
We offer extended workshops and virtual festivals on occasion. Enjoy exclusive opportunities to dive deep with some of the most sought-after teachers and community leaders in the world.

How It Works
Simply open the app and create a free account. Then simply select the class or workshop you’d like to take, and follow the prompts to schedule. All your purchased classes—as well as the included class replays—will be accessible from your account dashboard. Voila! It’s that easy.
Livekick uses HealthKit for integration with Apple Watch to display your heart rate during a class.
Livekick, Inc