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Workout with a personal trainer or private yoga instructor through real time live video on our app. Yes - get private fitness through video chat.
Workout from anywhere - your house, apartment, private gym, building gym, commercial gym, while you travel, etc.
No equipment is needed. We got you 100% covered.

Get in the best shape of your life. Just 30 minutes each time. No commute. Drop the gym membership.

How it Works:
Livekick is simple. Your personal fitness workout is one effortless click away.

- A real Livekick trainer & yoga instructor, somewhere in the world could be yours. Livekick has trainers all around the globe. Match with the one who can cater to your desired fitness hours.
- Learn how to properly perform and master Yoga poses and asanas
- Ultimate accountability. Your Livekick trainer will train you via live video chat up to 3 times per week.
- Complete support. Your Livekick trainer is devoted to your fitness goals. To inspire you every step of the way.
- Total ease and accessibility. Your Livekick trainer will meet you right where you are from the comfort of your home to your hotel room.
- Apple Health compatibility. Your trainer can view your heart rate live on screen and monitor your effort level, making sure you hit proper fat burning zones and do your fitness safely.
- Train for a Marathon, rehab, injury prevention, pre & postnatal, new levels of Zen, open your chakras! Whatever you need we’ve got you covered!

You get:
- Up to 3 weekly yoga or fitness workout sessions with a yoga teacher & a personal trainer on video from your home, office, hotel room, terrace, patio, beach, home gym, you name it!
- A personalized workout program designed just for you by your Livekick trainer.
- 30 minute dynamic training sessions to maximize your precious time and get you results fast.
- Ongoing support and guidance from your Livekick trainer for your nutrition, cardio and solo workout days.
- Access to our cutting edge exercise program design in these 7 key areas; Mobility and Movement Prep, Corrective Exercise, Power and Elasticity, Core Stability, Resistance Training, Metabolic Conditioning and Regeneration Strategies

It’s seamless:
- Just open the app and sign up.
- Choose your ideal trainer or yoga instructor.
- Schedule your session times right from the app in seconds.
- Hit GO LIVE and begin your session. DING!!!
Livekick, Inc