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Live Countdown

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Live Countdown

*** This App does not Notify you or make a sound when the countdown finishes. Continue reading for more info ***

Countdown Pro lets you handle all your timing needs. It's a Stopwatch, Timer and Countdown clock

Main Features:
• Set Date, Hour, Minute and Second for a countdown
• Set stopwatches to count from times other than 0:00:00
• Run multiple timers at the same time
• Adjust the clock to match an external time source within 0.1 seconds
• Label and Set colors for your Timers
• Works with iPad Multitasking

This app is designed for Live Television when things like going On and Off the air need to happen at a precise second. This app also lets you adjust the clock to match an external time like the Network Time or the Control Room Time. You can even adjust the clock by fractions of a second so the seconds tick at the exact same time. Because this is for a Live TV environment it does not do notifications or make sounds when the countdown finishes. It simply counts down to 0:00:00 and stops.

Who else besides Live TV people would need this?


and you, if you need a precise countdown.
Well Duns, Inc.