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Little Pet Raising

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Little Pet Raising

This story is set in the faraway, fantastical world called “the continent of Ekria”, where princesses desperately take care of their adorable pets in order to build deep "bonds'' with them. Through the magical Apple Watch, princesses can take care of their pets daily, such as playing, feeding and grooming. Some use their own magical powers or even prepare meals from ingredients to feed to their pets to improve their growth. It seems that some princesses aim to have the most wonderful pet than anyone else.
So, will you be able to meet your ideal pet in this magical world?

■Tutorial: Basic Operations
[On iPhone]
01-First, let's add a pet to Apple Watch.
02-Tap the "Adventure Preparation" button.
03-Select your pet.
04-Choose a wallpaper.
05-Set a cost of 500 coins for nurturing.
06-Prepare the necessary items in your belongings.
*You can bring up to 2 items.
07-Once set, tap the "Send to Watch" button.
08-Your pet will then be transferred to your Apple Watch.

[On Apple Watch]
09-Once your pet is transferred, let's play with it first.
10-From the action category, press the "Play" icon.
11-Choose your favorite item, and your pet will be happy.
12-As time passes, the pet will get hungry, let's feed some food.
The above is the flow of raising your precious pet using the basic operations.

■Q&A Just for You
[On iPhone]
Q: I installed it from my iPhone, but the app doesn't appear on my Watch...
A: Open the "My Watch" app on your iPhone and press the install button at the bottom.

Q: How can I get items?
A: It may be presented as a gift from the operation team. *Non-consumable

Q: Do I need to set up the princess?
A: This will increase the amount of HP recovered necessary for training and increase the experience points gained. *Non-consumable

Q: How can I get the princess?
A: You can get them through Gacha using either gems or coins.

Q: What are the cooking items used for?
A: Feeding them to your pet will gain experience or effect of reducing filthiness. *Consumable

Q: How do I cook?
A: Make a dish by combining 3 ingredients. The tastiness depends on you.

Q: Where can I get coins?
A: You can exchange gems through the "Recharge" button.

Q: I made a payment, but there was an issue.
A: Please check your user information from the "Options" and contact us.

[On Apple Watch]
Q: Oh! My pet died. What should I do?
A: You can revive them using coins or cooking items.

Q: What happens if I raise my pet's level?
A: Raising the level increases the maximum HP, reducing the risk of death.

Q: What should I do if I run out of coins?
A: You can either bring your pet back and reset it, or your pet will discover the treasure chest after a certain amount of time.

Q: Please tell me the effects of playing, feeding, cleaning, etc.
A: The effects vary depending on your choice, but generally:
・Play: Increases experience.
・Meal: Recovers HP.
・Cleaning: Increases experience.
・Bath: Increases experience.
・Treatment: Cures illnesses.
・Belongings (Princess): Obtain state-change effects without consuming.
・Belongings (Equipment): Obtain state-change effects without consuming.
・Belongings (Item): Consumes the item but effects vary based on the type.

Did you understand the game content?
Let's have fun together! Join the princesses and build a deep bond with your adorable pet.
Eve-sense Inc.