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Little Feed

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Little Feed

Welcome to Breast Feeding... This app is so cool, it also includes an Apple Watch App... Never miss a Breast Feeding Recording.

• Track your nursing progress in real time with our easy-to-use timer
Ever wanted to record how many times your doing your Breast Feeding?

Well now you can by using Breast Feeding App.

• Tracks bottle feedings for your baby - formula, breast milk, juices, or anything else you want to track

• Keeps track of mom's breast-milk pumping progress. Like Nursing, you can use our easy timer to track your progress in real-time.

• Hands-free with Siri: set up a command like "hey Siri, breastfeed left" and Siri will automatically log the event.

Here you can add all sorts of recording from Breast, Pump, Bottle (Formular or Milk). Left Side or Right side, the list goes on.

Go on, lets start your Breast Feeding Journey.

Information syncs instantly between your Apple Watch and your iPhone, so you never miss any records.

Andrew Ferriby