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The LITPro Road App works with the LITPro hardware module to help drivers and moto riders improve their performance and have more fun at the track. Unlike traditional data acquisition systems, LITPro Road is oriented to the driver or rider, not an engineer, and provides data that maps to the experience of being on track. If you haven’t used data, or have but want a more intuitive experience, LITPro Road is for you.

The LITPro Road App is easy to use and offers a full set of features that give drivers a wide range of metrics to improve performance. Features and metrics include:
- Trackmap-based user interface
- Automatic lap and segment times to 1/20 of a second
- Simple comparison of laps within a session, between sessions, and between drivers. Simply swipe laps to compare!
- Easy to view speed on track, including corner minimum speeds
- Customizable track and track segment setup, and access to existing library of track maps (requires LITPro Sync App)
- Detailed lap, segment, and corner analysis
- Custom zoom view that allows you to zoom in on any corner, corner complex, or
straight on the track
- See your lines on the racetrack side by side of custom LITPro hi-def aerial track maps
(available at select tracks) or GPS base maps available everywhere
- Easy to interpret decel, accel, and coast metrics so you can understand how your inputs (throttle, brake, steering) are affecting lap and segment times
- Heart rate monitor integration
- Lap 99, your theoretical fastest lap for each session

Whether you need to work on early, committed throttle application, are focused on finding the racing line, or are after that final tenth of second by getting off the brake more consistently, LITPro Road can help you be a faster, safer rider or driver!

LITPro Road validation:
- over 30,000 hours of professional athlete track time
- over 50,000 miles of professional race laps to advance LITPro detection and analytics

LITPro Road. Data for Everyone.

The Watch app uses location services while actively participating in a session. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

The Watch app connects with Apple’s Health app using Apple HealthKit to add workout data to your dashboard.
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