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ListMania allows you to manage all sorts of lists: from grocery shopping, to movies you'd like to watch, to gift ideas for your loved ones, to everyday to do items. With a simple and intuitive interface, ListMania lets you organize everything quickly and effortlessly.


- create multiple lists and check items off and on
- share your lists wirelessly with other iOS devices running ListMania or ListMania+
- email your lists to anyone using built in Mail app
- tap the list's title at the top of the screen to rename and re-color your lists for easier recognition
- fill your frequently used lists quicker with a handy history of your past entries
- search through your past history of entries as you type
- swipe the item in history to permanently remove it
- re-order your lists with ease using
- shake to trim unneeded items off your list (can be disable through Settings)
- tap and hold an item to mark it as important (makes it bold and adds an exclamation mark)
- change font size through Settings

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about ListMania, please visit our support page and tell us about it. We want to make ListMania easy and intuitive for you to use, and will appreciate your feedback.

Free ListMania is supported by unobtrusive ads. If you prefer an ad-free version of the app, see ListMania +. Both versions have an identical feature set, with the exception of added advertisements in ListMania. Both versions can share lists wirelessly between each other with no restrictions.
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