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List Maker

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List Maker

Brought to you by the minds of habitual list makers, List Maker is designed to make list making simple and easy. Did we mention it makes lists?

Here's what's so cool about List Maker:
• location alerts, including a quick-launch of your list when you arrive. even from your Watch.
• it’s free & no ads. woo hoo!
• Watch app included. hands-free item checking, right here people!
• it looks spiffy. full disclosure, we may be biased on this one.
• the nitty gritty: you can add, edit and check off items, create categories to organize your list, color-code your categories, reorder your categories, and move items from one category to another. it's a simple and effective way to handle all kinds of lists from grocery and shopping lists to todo and travel checklists.

If you’ve never tried checking off items from your Watch while pushing a shopping cart, you should download this app right now and try it. Trust us, it’s worth a trip to the store just to have that experience.

The bottom line: we are on a mission here. We won’t rest until the most perfect list making app is achieved. That said, no one can create the most perfect list making app without feedback, so let us know what you think!
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