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Lira Exchange

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Lira Exchange

Lira Exchange is the first app on the AppStore that lists current and historical exchange rates of the Lebanese or Syrian Lira against the US Dollar. Global official rates are also included.

Lira Exchange is not only a currency converter, it has lots of features such as monitoring the exchange rate and it also allows you to convert USD/LBP LBP/USD USD/SYP SYP/USD. You can also check the bank USD rate (Lollar) within the app, and convert your bank dollars into LBP. Official Sayrafa rate has been added as well.

App Features:

– Banknote Recognition
– Official Sayrafa Rate
– Live local market rate
– Live local market rate widget
– Live Gold Price
– 3D touch to launch the converter page, global rates, and USD/LBP pages.
– Supports Siri shortcuts to Get the dollar price
– Supports English, French, Arabic languages
– Daily line graph analysis
– Global official charts
– Share local market rate to friends
– Online global official exchange rate updated instantly
– Convert from any global currency
– Offline exchange rate possible with the last online update
– Push notifications on demand upon increase or decrease of rates
– Live Cryptocurrencies prices


This is not an official or formal reference for the Lebanese Lira exchange rate – it is a simple indicator.

We strive to present accurate, timely data, but do not guarantee it is accurate or timely.
All rates are sourced and averaged from a mix of local currency exchangers across Lebanon.
Our data is provided as is, with no guarantees.
Mohammad Masri