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Lignite Music Player

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Lignite Music Player

Finally a music player that looks beautiful, is insanely functional and works on all of your devices, from phone to wrist.

Lignite Music is here to revolutionize your music experience on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch.

Here's what makes Lignite Music the ultimate music experience.

* Browse your whole music library right from your wrist. That's right, browse and select any track from your Apple Watch.

* Create and edit your playlists of your own. Most other music players don't have this functionality at all.

* Landscape support. Many music-player lovers have been missing landscape support for years, so we brought it back, across our whole app.

* Automatic image downloading. Photos of any album art that may be missing is automatically downloaded, along with photos of your artists, creating a beautiful array of photos throughout our whole app.

* Bye-bye tiny buttons. Lignite Music is gesture-driven and insanely easy to use, from walking down the street to driving in your car, our gestures make it a seamless experience.

* Enhanced Playlists. These bring together your music based on conditions you set. Want to listen to everything from Eminem except Relapse? Easy, Enhanced Playlists have your back.

* Queue management. Add, reorder and remove tracks from your queue easily.

* Themes. So many different colours to choose from to match your personality.

* Favourites. Mark any track as a favourite of yours, so that you can easily play and access your favourite tracks across the app.

* VoiceOver support. Lignite Music is built with VoiceOver users in mind, making every aspect of our app accessible to those with poor vision.

We can't wait for you to love your music experience again with Lignite Music.
Edwin Finch