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Lights for Philips Hue

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Lights for Philips Hue

You've just bought your Philips Hue lighting system, but you just can’t find the perfect app to get the most out of your cool lights, right?

Meet Lights.
A beautiful, simple and easy way to control your Phillips Hue lights system that helps you find the right ambiance for every moment with professionally designed light scenes, created by Philips Hue owners just like you.

Designed around you, your home and your everyday life. Play around, create and explore the limitless possibilities of the world's most smart lights.

## Lights in essence:
- Apple Watch supported! (And it is amazingly cool!)
- Straightforward and easy to use. Choose a scene and let it shine
- Over 40 professionally designed light hue scenes
- New light scenes with every new update
- One tap controls. Your personal lightning dashboard
- Comfortable ambiance control with light groups
- Switch or dim all lights off with one tap or swipe
- Control lights as you wish. Be a Hue Pro.

## Why is this app the best option for you?

Here's what a recent user said about it:

"It’s easy to use and make new groups or create custom groups, it’s not a super powerful app like some of them but there is already a market for those types of apps, and we don’t need another one, this you pick your room(s) select a scene and be done with it which is great.

The screenshots in the app store show they type of scenes like fire, nature, etc. but the colors are unique compared to similar apps, and there are scenes like sports which is different from other apps I used.

I would recommend this app as is but not for someone who is a power user and wants to control every single aspect of their lights, it’s great for set it and forget it which I think is a big market.

As of now it’s only version 1.0 of the app, and at $5 it’s a bit expensive for an app store price, but as I said it’s a niche of a niche if people don’t support it, then more money can’t be put into development.

All in all, I’m happy with the app and look forward to updates. Good luck."

-- That's what I believe for this app.

## Suggest new scenes
Want to suggest new scenes? Visit @lightshue on Instagram and let me know! Send me your inspiration, and if you get featured I will create a new scene based on your suggestion!

## Review the app
Your review makes a big difference. It helps the visibility of the app, and that's vital for app awareness. Also, It contributes to understanding what you expect from the app. Let me know your feedbacks and help me improve the app!
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