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- LightMind is a professional application for brain training, which can record and display your brainwave, help you to improve the “attention” level during studying or working, and to improve the “meditation” level in a relaxed (yoga) condition.
When using this application, you can learn your brainwave conditions in the past period of time by the action of playing or stopping the aided music, or by reading the data curve every few minutes, thus to voluntarily or involuntarily improve the “attention” or “meditation” level purposefully.

- Note: This App requires the following hardware product to work:
NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile


+ Instantly display the “attention” and “meditation” curve, updated every second.
+ Can display both two curves, or only display one curve. You can also customize the color of the curve freely.
+ You can zoom in or out the curve by “pinch” gesture, or move the curve left or right by “pan” gesture.
+ Provide the function of playing the aided music. You can set the music track list, play conditions and sensitivity, when the attention or meditation level is lower than the set value, it will start playing automatically, while when higher than the set value, it will stop playing automatically.
+ Automatically save all the history curves. You can view, analyze or manage them at any time.
+ When viewing the history data curves, you can save the current curve graph to the photo album or share to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.
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