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If you can't stick to the exercise, what if you can't see the effect of dieting?
Use the "Light Diet" App to help you lose weight faster and more scientifically.


Traditional dieting specifies the length of time by timer, but it is not only inefficient, but also needs to keep an eye on the time. It is easy for people to give up halfway because of too much trouble. Light dieting is different. Light dieting on a daily basis can effectively reduce the weight of people with excessive daily energy intake through a slightly high-intensity diet. Believe that as long as you persist, you will be able to get rid of the harm of overweight!
The product also includes the following extension tools:
Calorie Joule conversion (the energy on the bottle bag can finally be easily converted)
Standard weight calculator
Basal metabolic rate calculator
Body mass index calculator
Energy intake record
Weight change record
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