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Liftlog+ Progressive Overload

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Liftlog+ Progressive Overload

The most important thing in the gym is having a plan and staying motivated. With Liftlog+ you can plan ahead and track your gym workouts with ease. Choose from hundreds of animated exercises with step-by-step instructions, or create your own and easily log every set, weight and repetition.

Keep tracking, stay motivated and see results.


∙ Track sets, weigts and repetitions.
∙ Log from previous or target weights & repetition.
∙ Add, edit, remove and update exercises and sets.
∙ Stay focused with automatic rest timers. No more slacking off in-between sets.
∙ Connect exercises as supersets.
∙ Manage intensity with RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) and avoid injuries.
∙ Take notes of important insights during workouts.
∙ Mark sets as warmup, drop-set or failure.
∙ Change between lbs and kg when entering weight.
∙ Add your workouts to HealthKit with the Apple Watch companion app.


∙ Choose from many build in routines or create your own.
∙ Assign a day to routines to plan your week.
∙ Choose exercises and customize the number of sets.
∙ Add target weights and repetitions to your sets.
∙ Duplicate any routine for faster editing.
∙ Archive custom routines.


∙ Browse a growing library of over 290 built in exercises.
∙ Learn how to execute exercises with descriptions and step-by-step instructions.
∙ See targeted muscle groups and exercise equipment.
∙ Use the search or filter by muscle groups, exercise types and equipment.
∙ Add your own exercises and customize everything.

History & Trends

∙ Browse all completed workouts in the history.
∙ Look at logged exercises, sets, repetitions and weights.
∙ See one rep max (1RM) for your completed sets.
∙ See workout stats, including the number of exercises, duration, moved weight and 1RM.
∙ See your personal records, like max weight, repetitions, volume and 1RM for all sets.
∙ Weekly, monthly & yearly graphs & trends with duration, volume, sets and repetitions.
∙ Save any workout as a routine for future repetition.


∙ Customize your app experience with themes.
∙ Themes have full dark mode support.
∙ All your data is save, with daily backups to iCloud.
∙ Export your data to CSV.

The app is developed and maintained by a single developer. Please leave a rating or a review in the AppStore. It really helps and keeps me motivated!

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