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LifeguardMobile is a mobile health app designed to help everyone involved in a medical journey achieve better outcomes. Whether you are a patient, a loved one supporting a patient, or a healthcare provider, LifeguardMobile makes it easy to: organize and access important medical information, make more informed decisions, manage key tasks, and seamlessly coordinate with the entire care team. LifeguardMobile is integrated with the Apple Health app to bring your health measures together into your coordinated care.

Store and easily access all fundamental elements of your health โ€“ from your medical diagnosis to your blood type, allergies, immunization record, current medications, and even your emergency contacts and insurance information.

Simplify complex treatment plans by creating a personalized care plan to organize and manage your medical journey. Add your diagnosis and medications and include all the symptoms, vital signs, and lifestyle elements that you and your medical team would like to track.

Securely store, access and share your electronic health records. Have easy access to test results, prescription records, medical notes, appointment checklists, special treatment instructions, and more. Supports a wide variety of formats: from PDFs to word docs, spreadsheets, photos, links, and many more.

Set fully customizable push notification reminders for each element of your care plan to your mobile device and wearable technology like smartwatches. You can also set up automated text and email alerts for selected circle of care members to let them know if you need any extra support.

Users can now create and maintain profiles for patients that are reliant on others to manage their care coordination. Record symptoms, medications and actions, modify care plans, store critical health information, communicate with providers, and share the care with co-managers.

The information you record โ€“ from prescription medication dosage increases to shifts in symptom severity, vital sign measures, and activity recordings โ€“ is automatically transformed it into shareable easy-to-read graphs so you can accurately monitor and progress and recognize critical patterns.

Collaborate and share your health journey with the family, friends, and healthcare providers that make up your care network. You control who you want to share with and what you want to share, and you can change sharing preferences for any member at any time.

Keep your care team in the loop by sharing medical progress and developments in a convenient central location via securely encrypted texts, pictures, and calls.

Record major events and developments in your journal to build a more comprehensive medical record. Control which care team members can collaborate with their own entries.

You can schedule and coordinate events in-app with your care team including appointments, pharmacy pickups, running errands and more. LifeguardMobile is fully integrated with iCal and Google Calendar.

Every medication, vital sign, symptom, and action you record is automatically stored and organized by time & date, so that you can monitor your health progress in detail. You can also correct any missed or accidental recordings.

Download LifeguardMobile today and take advantage of all the ways Smart Healthcare can benefit you and the people you love!