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Have you thought how what you are doing affects how you are doing?

Life Log let’s you see how that balance is working for you. It helps you achieve what you want to achieve and see what’s going on in your life.

Do you have goals that you want to achieve - Work toward a promotion? See friends more often? Get more exercise? With Life Log helps you can do a daily checkup on your goals in seconds - on your iPhone or your Apple Watch

And there is some info in life that we all need to have to hand - When did I last have a health check? Or is nice to know - Which restaurants did I go to last year? Or is just a useful reminder of what we achieved in our lives - When did I pass that exam?

Life Log gives you instant access to the knowledge you need

Life Log is an app that you will use for a lifetime - not just today or tomorrow


- Track up to five goals and change them on the fly
- Get prompted to checkup on how you are doing in Notifications on your iPhone or your Apple Watch each day at a time of your choosing
- Review each goal achievement in a single graphic view
- Compare your goal achievements against each other
- Keep everything you need to remember in one place
- Add notes, photos and location to each event
- Overview your life by period, event group and event type
- Use Spotlight™ to go straight where you want in the app
- See what was going on in your life that helped you achieve your goals

Life Log. Everything you need to know about you - all in one place and instantly to hand
Intelligent Maintenance LLC