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LIFE Fasting Progress Tracker

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LIFE Fasting Progress Tracker

LIFE Fasting Tracker: Start your weight loss journey with LIFE Fasting - the simplest intermittent fasting tracker! Designed to keep you accountable to hit your goals.

Have you recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? Are you trying to lose weight? Stop focusing on calories, reset your body with LIFE Fasting Intermittent Fasting Tracker.

**Over 50% of LIFE app users lost 5% of their starting weight in just 6 months - and they kept it off!**

Whether you are new to fasting or experienced in the ways of ketosis, LIFE can help you achieve your goals. With a simplified fasting tracker, LIFE Fasting has helped millions of users lose weight, access expert coaches, and connect with fasters from around the world. Top fasting tracker to pair with keto diet!

Includes a built-in learning library with research-based articles and tips for beginner, experienced intermittent fasters, and fasters practicing a keto or paleo diet - for free!

With the LIFE Fasting Tracker:
• Quickly start/stop fasts
• Easily track intermittent fasting status, mood and share your progress
• Set, edit and adjust your fast duration to any length
• Supports any time restricted eating to the hour: including 16:8, 24 hours, OMAD, 5:2, alternate day or extended fasts
• Track your weight, waist, glucose and ketones
• Integrates with HealthKit to automatically import weight, ketones and other data from the Health app
• Automatically import data from Fitbit, Garmin, Oura Ring, BIOSENSE breath ketone meter, Keto Mojo and other devices.
• Join Fasting Circles to challenge, encourage and hold each other accountable
• Track your fasts and fast with your friends
• Research-backed intermittent fasting & health articles added weekly
• We provide curated suggestions for goods (such as products like blood glucose meters, connected scales, lab tests, etc.) and services (ability to talk to wellness experts) that can enhance your health and wellness journey.

What is Intermittent Fasting?
Intermittent fasting is a metabolic health intervention that often involves a daily cycle of fasting and feeding with the goal of raising ketone levels, shown to improve body and brain function. Other benefits include:
• Sustainable weight loss
• Improved weight management
• Reduced inflammation
• Improved lipid levels and heart health
• Improved blood sugar control
• Improved insulin sensitivity
• Increased cellular recycling (autophagy)

Studies show intermittent fasting supports sustainable weight loss and weight management. Use the LIFE Fasting Tracker along with these additoinal healthy habits to reach your weight goals.
• Increase your fiber intake
• Increase your lean protein intake
• Create and stick to your fast-day calorie goals
• Avoid energy-dense meals and snacks on “feast” days
• Eat early in the day
• Eat in a narrow window on calorie restriction days
• Eliminate added sugars

For more information about the LIFE Fasting Tracker and science-backed articles for improving your health, visit
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