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LIFE Extend

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LIFE Extend

LIFE Extend can help you improve your health, lose weight, and live longer through tracking daily healthy habits.

We make it fun and easy to create healthy habits within these 5 Pillars:

1) Nutrition: Plant-heavy diets delay and prevent diseases of aging including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer and Alzheimer's.
2) Activity: A diverse exercise routine is the #1 best lifestyle intervention to protect you from disease and death.
3) Mindfulness: A regular meditation practice protects you from the negative health impacts of stress.
4) Sleep: Adequate, restful sleep keeps your memory sharp and your immune system strong.
5) Fasting: Intermittent fasting improves your metabolic health, reduces inflammation, and reduces your risk of diabetes.

Get LIFE Points for tracking daily healthy behaviors, earn badges & awards, and share your progress with our built-in social networks!

The LIFE Extend app Integrates with HealthKit to automatically import weight, ketones, exercise, sleep and other data from the Health app. You can also automatically import data from Fitbit, Garmin, Oura Ring, BIOSENSE breath ketone meter and other devices.

Use LIFE Extend to:
• Log daily intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts and oils.
• Track intermittent fasting schedule - easily start, stop and edit.
• Track daily physical activity minutes and see measures of your physical fitness improve as a result.
• Track mindfulness minutes and reduce stress. In-app guided meditations and resources are there to help you along the way.
• Track your sleep duration and quality.
• Understand your biological age and estimated lifespan. See your biological age decrease and estimated lifespan increase as you develop healthier habits!
• Join Circles to share your progress with family members, friends or health coaches.
• Get encouragement from your peers, coaches and health professionals when you are struggling!
• Share health accomplishments, mood updates, stories and photos in a social feed to spread the encouragement.
• Learn more about lifestyle changes for healthy living and aging with a Learning Library complete with hundreds of science-backed articles and videos (and future rewards!).

With LIFE Extend, you’ll get recommendations, notifications and a stream of science-backed articles that help you make better health decisions and lifestyle changes. We also provide curated suggestions for goods (such as products like blood glucose meters, connected scales, lab tests, etc.) and services (ability to talk to wellness experts) that can enhance your health and wellness journey.

Download LIFE Extend to track your progress in these 5 Pillars, earn “LIFE Points” and get visual feedback that shows you how these interventions are improving your health and reversing the aging process.
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