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Leverage Fitness Alive

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Leverage Fitness Alive


Our goal is to bring out the best in you. We are confident you will be more than pleased with your results. We are proud of what we offer and can’t wait to see your accomplishments.
It’s not about machines. It’s not about fad diets nor fad fitness. It’s about YOU. It’s about dedication, determination and tapping into the mindset of like-minded people who share the same vision. With the Leverage Alive™ App, our #1 goal is to help you realize your ultimate fitness potential. We know that hard work and proper technique yield phenomenal results. Let us show you how to be your best self.

Upgrade your fitness routine with the Leverage Alive™ App experience!

We all talk about it and of course we all have it. It’s the other person who has bad form, right? Now, you can test your exercise form with the metrics inside the app.

That’s what makes the Leverage Alive™ App so different. 

Download the free app and your one step closer to being a part of the Leverage community.
With your monthly membership available from the Leverage Fitness website, you’ll have exclusive access to the unparalleled Leverage workouts.

Each week you’ll receive 2 video workouts and 3 audio workouts which consist of dumbbell and bodyweight workouts.

Both style workouts are outfitted with the original and unique Alive™ metrics that feature:

- Exercise Regonition
- Heart Rate Zone Mapping
- Repetition Counting
- Form Scoring
- Performance Scoring

VIDEO WORKOUTS: Workout alongside your favorite Leverage instructors and you’ll feel like your part of the LIVE class. Get the mix of strength, core and cardio workouts you need, and love.

AUDIO WORKOUTS: Same great workouts designed by your top Leverage instructors, without the LIVE experience. These workouts are perfect as stand alone workouts or mini-sessions you can add to your LIVE workouts.

Bring your workouts to life with Leverage Fitness Studio and Alive™.

Alive™ recognizes and identifies your exercise movements, counts repetitions, analyzes form, provide real-time personal training feedback, and scores performance. Workout are automatically logged to track progress. Dynamic leaderboards are available for each workout so you can compete with yourself and others.

Alive™ integrates with the Apple Health app to access your heart-rate data. Your heart rate is listed on the bottom left corner of the user interface during workouts and on the left side of the screen in the Heart Rate Zone Mapping widget.
Alive Fitness, LLC