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Let's SpinIt

by Q4Tech
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Let's SpinIt

by Q4Tech
Do you spend hours arguing about who’ll wash the dishes tonight? Who’ll be the designated driver? Who’ll pay for dinner?
No more tossing coins, Let’s SpinIt! No one can argue when the answer is clearly displayed on your Apple Watch.

Let’s SpinIt is the next generation assistant in making choices. It’s algorithm makes random picks for up to 12 options, with 3 different predetermined settings: Numbers, Letters or Colors.

As a gift, you also get our new version of the old-time game Perinola.

Each player starts the game with an amount of 'chips'. In turns, they spin the perinola. There are 6 possible outcomes:

- PUT 1: The player adds one chip to the winning pot.
- PUT 2: The player adds two chips to the winning pot.
- ALL PUT: Every player add a chip to the winning pot.
- TAKE 1: The player takes one chip from the winning pot.
- TAKE 2: The player takes two chips from the winning pot.
- TAKE ALL: The player takes all the chips from the winning pot.

A player leaves the game when there are no more chips on his or her stack.

The winner is the last player to leave the game, taking all the remaining chips from the winning pot.