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Let's Doit

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Let's Doit

Let's Doit is an app to keep you focussed and on target for meeting your daily or weekly goals. Whether you are trying to change behavior, break a bad habit or start a new one, 'Let's Doit' will keep you on task and remind you when you need to complete a task.

Let's Doit will track your progress and give you the feedback and encouragement to reach your goals.

Let's Doit is great for those who need constant reminders to stay on track and is particularly useful for those who need to take medications multiple times a day. With Let's Doit, you can not only mark of completions as you take your meds, but also optionally notify you when it is time to take them.

You can create four different kinds of Doits:
• Every day Doits
• Doits required on certain days of the week only
• Doits required multiple times a day
• Doits required multiple times a week

With each Doit, you can set reminders and define a unique notification sound for each one so that when notifications arrive on your phone, you know what to do.

Progress charts help keep you motivated and on track.
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