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Let Me Tip

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Let Me Tip

Let Me Tip: Calculator makes calculating your desired tip amount as easy as possible. By using a simple UI that gets out of your way, you'll be in and out in a flash. Become even speedier by calculating the tip on your Apple Watch!

Using Cash? Don't want to get change back after paying for the bill? Only using cash for the tip? We've got you covered!
Select "Rounded Total" and you'll see just that -- your final total has been rounded up or down to the nearest dollar and the tip amound and percentage adjusted accordingly.
Give "Rounded Tip" a try and BAM! you've found yourself in a world where tip amounts round to the nearest dollar! This adjusts the tip percentage and total for you.

Apple Watch:
Yes, it is true! You now have a fully fledged tip calculator on your wrist! It's 2016 and the future is now.
To adjust the receipt total, tax percentage, and tip percentage simply swipe through the pages and enter your data.
Your wrist is also now able to split the tip and total between a few people! Just swipe to the last page to get started.

I'm always looking for feedback! Give your phone a quick shake to let me know what you think.
Grayson Smith